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worthless-art: Could you please post this? I just need to get the word out. Anyone in Massachusetts, or near Massachusetts, I'm going to be evicted in 7 days if I don't find a good, new home for my ball python, Pumpkin. He's not any special morph, but he is still awesome. Please, he's my everything but I am poor and disabled and I can't lose my apartment. I'm in Boston. Message me if you want more details. I'm just submitting this to snake related tumblrs hoping someone in the area will love him.
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This snakes so sick, I can’t wait til it gets big. #snake #ballpython #superpastel

so cute! that blush on the head is really strong.


This snakes so sick, I can’t wait til it gets big. #snake #ballpython #superpastel

so cute! that blush on the head is really strong.

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another-suicidal-romance: Do you know the average price of Pieds/axanthics/coral glows?

I was in the market for a pied a couple years ago and they were usually about $1000 for females, and nowadays a het female will run you about $300 if you want to start cheap and breed your own. Bigger breeders like BHB and Mike Wilbanks etc can provide a good gauge of morph price.

Male and female axanthics tend to me ~$300 and $500 respectively. I can’t speak for coral glows because I’ve never really checked that morph out!

Thinking of breeding some lightnings? :P


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hyenor: are there certain questions you recommend asking a breeder before you buy a snake?


  • is the snake you’re buying raised on live, frozen, or pre-killed rats/mice? if live, is that because they have refused pre-killed or frozen in the past? ask for a live feeding if you’re picking up the snake in person.
  • if an adult snake, particularly female, ask about their breeding history and about the health/success of said clutches
  • ask about details of its genetic make-up (if relevant). for example, if the snake is listed as a “possible” for a recessive gene, ask about what percentages you’re talking, the genetics of the parents, any heterozygous traits you’re paying for, etc.
  • if buying a very young snake, ask about their return policy should the gender be wrong. even experienced breeders may misgender a young snake.

Primarily you want to be able to ensure your snake is healthy, eating well, and that you receive the genotype that you paid for.

Anonymous: Umm, this is weird but could you like dress up a snake? Like put a little hat on his head and make him look all festive and stuff?

LOL. yeah I you could if you wanted. Just don’t hurt it I guess hahaha

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Anonymous: what do they eat/

Haha! Rodents. Primarily mice and rats. Wild ball pythons in Africa will also sometimes eat birds.

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ball python (pastel champagne), python regius


ball python (pastel champagne), python regius

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